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Terms and conditions

这些条款和条件是指通过www访问的澳门银河网上网站.greenwich.ac.uk, or any of its variations. This is the official website of the University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9LS.

本网站不断发展,所含信息如有变更,恕不另行通知. The University makes every effort to ensure content is accurate.

Links to external websites


We make every effort to ensure external links are free from viruses, 但对从澳门银河网上网站上获得或似乎从网站上获得的病毒所造成的损害不承担任何责任.

Prospectus information


澳门银河网上尽一切努力确保澳门银河网上的招股说明书信息在印刷时尽可能准确.  However, 这些信息会随着时间的推移而变化,重要的是你要查看大学的网站以获得最新的信息. Where changes have been made to the information set out in the prospectus, 课程的任何重大变化都将通知任何对该课程感兴趣的潜在学生,并在录取时通知申请人. If you have any comments about the prospectus, please contact us at courseinfo@80yahu.com(UK students), international@80yahu.com(International/EU students) and postgraduateresearch_admissions@80yahu.com(MPhil/PhD students) as appropriate.

格林尼治大学将尽其所能提供其网站和招股说明书中所述的教育服务. 有时澳门银河网上无法控制的情况意味着澳门银河网上无法提供这样的教育服务. This might be because of, for example:

  • industrial action by University staff or third parties;
  • the unanticipated departure or absence of key members of University staff;
  • acts of terrorism;
  • the acts of any government or local authority;
  • epidemic or pandemic of disease;
  • academic changes within subject areas; or
  • 一门课程的招生人数如此之低,以至于不可能为注册该课程的学生提供适当的教育质量.

In these circumstances, 大学会采取一切合理措施,尽量减少对这些服务的影响, for example by making reasonable modifications, but to the full extent that it is possible under the general law, 大学对申请人所遭受的任何损失及/或损害概不负责.

The modifications we make may be to:

  • the content and syllabus of courses, including in relation to placements;
  • the timetable, location and number of classes;
  • the content or method of delivery of courses of study;
  • the examination process; and
  • the timing and method of assessment.


当情况需要不可避免的改变或当大学有必要停止一门课程的学习, 大学将采取合理措施尽量减少对申请人的影响,如有重大变动,大学会及时通知申请人. Our Student Protection Plan 列出澳门银河网上将采取的措施,以保障学生的学习质素和持续. If you have any particular concerns regarding any proposed changes, 请尽快以上述电邮地址通知本校.

你亦应知悉,招股说明书内所列的部分计划须经最终批准. In the unlikely event that a course is not approved by its start date, the course will not run and you will not be able to take up your place. Should this happen, 大学会通知你,并会协助已获录取的学生在大学寻找合适的替代课程. Where a course is awaiting final approval, this will be indicated clearly in the course's entry in the online prospectus.

The prospectus describes the courses we offer. As a student, you receive further material describing the teaching, examination, assessment and other educational services, 在你收到任何录取通知时以及随后入学时,学生生活的社交方面的信息. 你的大学申请将根据大学的录取标准进行考虑 Admissions Policy and Procedure, 如果你对申请的处理不满意,你有权提出投诉.

Should you go on to enroll as a student of the University, you will be asked to agree to the University's Principal Conditions of Registration 你的学习将按照大学的规定进行和管理 学生条例,政策和程序(见今年的版本在这里). 请注意主要报名条件及学生守则, Policies and Procedures are updated annually for the start of the academic year. While changes are not usually significant, 当年的版本应被视为指示性的,你应该在注册时熟悉适用于你注册年份的文件. 在每学年开始时,将向继续学习的学生提供法规和政策变化的摘要.

If you become a student, 本通知将构成您与格林尼治大学之间的合同条款. 任何提供一个地方的基础上,你同意这个通知作为合同的一部分.

The University's policies on fraud

If we have reason to believe you, or any person acting on your behalf, has provided false information, omitted relevant information, 在申请入学时作出虚假陈述和/或提供伪造或伪造文件, tuition fees assessment, or Mandatory or Discretionary Award, 澳门银河网上将采取必要措施来确认信息的真实性.

如果澳门银河网上怀疑有欺诈行为,澳门银河网上可以与外部机构共享信息 Student Privacy Notice. If they conclude fraud has taken place, we have the right to cancel your application, withdraw any offer of a place and rescind your student status. 澳门银河网上将要求您提供与您的申请或学生身份有关的进一步信息或文件.

Data protection

The University processes personal data belonging to its applicants, 学生和其他人,并始终遵守当前的数据保护立法. Further details are provided in our Privacy Notices.